Why the Canon 70D bundle is worth every penny

The Canon 70D replaces the very successful EOS 60D as the latest mid-range DSLR from the company. The Canon 70D bundle has enjoyed some improvements that are seen to converge to the single package. Some of 70D best technical advancements and improvements in digital photography over the past few years are all seen in this camera.

Canon 70D bundle package

This post is all about the Canon 70D bundle. Also, we shall look at the reason why the Canon EOS 70D bundle is better, its features and benefits. Here we shall discuss the features and find out what makes the new 70D a formidable DSLR.

The touch-screen

Here comes an important feature of the Canon 70D. It is fully-articulated with Clear View II LCD touchscreen that spots a 1,040,000 dots display. This has already been integrated into a Rebel T5i that was released some years ago and promised the world of difference to those who are migrating from the 60D model. This touchscreen allows you as a photographer to control and monitor all the features of the camera just by performing few finger taps.

The Sensor

The first thing that deserves respect and mention is the 20.2-megapixel sensor. It has been re-engineered and redesigned from the ground up making it quite an improvement over the older 18-megapixel sensor of the 60D. The old sensor came with a DIGIC 4 image processing engine while the newer model gains a DIGIC 5+ image processing engine to boost its performance.

Live view

This sounds excellent. The 70D model shares numerous Live-view characteristics with an entry-level of Rebel T5i and T4i. The Live-view functionalities are seen to be perfect. It is enhanced by a Q mode that offers more shooting options as well as total control over the features of the camera.

Continuous shooting speed

The Canon 70D comes with a quicker, continuous shooting speed as compared to the 60D; that is 7 fps as compared to 5.3 fps. This is very important. While it doesn’t sound a bit better, it is still nowhere near what you would ideally want to have to shoot sports or high-speed action photography. Still, it is better than nothing.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Canon’s latest 70D incorporates the Wi-Fi feature. However, it packs too many connectivity issues that can irritate a serious user to the point that he may not use it, especially after a few attempts. To die-hard Wi-Fi fanatics, this feature helps you to share all your photos through a Wi-Fi network directly to your smartphones, tablets as well as other compatible media devices. Also, you can transfer files to your Personal Computer, thanks to the optional Canon 70D software.

Canon 70D lens for movie mode

Canon 70D lens

It is an offense not to mention the 70D’s video mode feature. After all, the significant improvement over the 60D model is geared towards the shooting videos. Indeed, the best Canon 70D lens can easily record videos in MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 directly with stereo sound recording. One can easily plug in the external mic jack and perform the better quality audio recording.

With the above reasons discussed in the Canon 70D bundle review, it is clear that this model is lovely. It will continue to make headlines among many people because of its popularity.