How to Find the Best GoPro Deal for Black Friday

Whether you are in the market for the new GoPro 7 or the much older GoPro 6, you need to consider different factors. Considerations will vary between individuals because everyone buys a GoPro for personal reasons. Other tips for getting the best GoPro black Friday deals to apply to all buyers. Find out what applies to your case. The following are tips to help you land the best GoPro deal.

gopro black friday deals

Battery Life

Before you buy a GoPro camera, consider how long its battery can last. If you want to record long videos in high resolution, confirm whether that battery, which is included can deliver. Getting battery statistics from GoPro website itself may mislead you. Obviously, they may exaggerate the statistics to look good. Ask someone who has bought the product to give you a true report.

The Kit Included

GoPro camera has a number of kits that come along with it. Before you buy, ensure GoPro have included the additional kit you expect. You may make a purchase only to realize that you need to purchase an additional kit. A good GoPro deal should include a camera, frame, USB charging cable, quick release buckle, and a thumbscrew.


For all electronic products, a warranty is mandatory. They may fail to work at any time. Consider buying a GoPro with a warranty long enough according to your needs. Normally, a minimum of 6 months is a good deal.


If you are getting GoPro deals with intentions to stream facebook live, you must consider compatibility with your phone. Confirm whether the GoPro app works well on your phone. High-resolution videos recorded by the camera may fail to show on your phone.

Slow Motion

Using your camera to shoot fast moving objects is technical. You may need to slow them down. That is where the camera’s ability to slow the motion of objects frame by frame counts. Make sure your GoPro do magic in this area before making a purchase.