Difference between zoom and prime lenses

Have you ever wondered of the Difference between zoom and prime lenses?

Sometimes it gets hard for a person who has just started doing photography. Going to the market to purchase a lens for your camera may be a challenging task because you don’t know the right choice to make. You should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages you may encounter depending on the type of lenses you had chosen to use. This article focusses on the key Difference between zoom and prime lenses to help you make the right choice.

1. Zoom lenses can permit you to make some adjustment on the focal length of your camera at a given range, say between 18 to 50 millimeters while the focal length of a prime lens is fixed.

2. Prime lenses have less moving parts which make it lighter than zoom lenses. This is important for a photographer for it will relieve you with the task of having to carry a heavy camera.

3. The prime lenses have a wide aperture which controls the amount of light that passes through the lens at a given time. Unlike the zoom lenses which has a relatively small aperture. The aperture is always rated in ratios for instance 1:3.5, or 1:2.8. To confirm this, it is indicated in the lens but it doesn’t contain the 1 before the ratio. Wide aperture is suitable for taking close photographs while the small aperture is best for taking photos within a wide range of distance.

4. The prime lenses on market are relatively cheaper when compared to the zoom lenses. this is because the zoom lenses are made up of more than one lens which makes the manufacturing cost high hence difference for instance when purchasing a 24millimeter f/2.8 prime lens, you will pay around $400, while a 24-70millimete f/2.8 zoom lens will cost between $1900-2300.


If you need to get the best lens for your camera, then firs you must be aware of the type of photographs you will be taking. If you will be capturing photographs that are still like the ocean or other natural scenes, then your best choice is the prime lens. But if you will be taking pictures of moving objects like video shooting a football game or a moving car, then a zoom lens is your best option.